After severe trauma to one tooth, a root canal and porcelain crown were performed to perfectly match this patient’s other teeth. This created an aesthetically pleasing and uniform smile.

This patient had old, badly discolored and damaged veneers with which she was not pleased. With porcelain crowns, we corrected shade discrepancies and recreated a beautiful smile.

This patient fractured his front tooth to the gumline, resulting in removal of the tooth. An implant was surgically placed in the site, and a porcelain crown was fabricated to restore the tooth. To create symmetry, we also replaced the ugly, ill-fitting crown next to the implant. With an end result like this, there is no evidence that this is anything but a natural smile.

After being involved in an auto accident years ago, this patient lost all his lower front teeth. For years he wore a removable appliance to replace these teeth but decided he wanted a more permanent option. We replaced his old, ill-fitting partial with a beautiful seven-unit fixed porcelain bridge to restore form and function.

When this patient came to our office, she was displeased with her existing crowns. We proposed replacing her worn and ill-fitting crowns in order to create a more natural and appealing smile. We removed the old, discolored crowns and replaced them with new porcelain crowns to achieve her goal of a brighter, natural smile.

When this patient came to us, he had severely worn, decayed and broken teeth. At first, this appeared to be a simple case of repairing a minor chip, but a deeper look at the teeth revealed several additional issues. Porcelain crowns were fabricated to create the perfect symmetry and color correction, as well as restore the tooth structure lost due to decay and wear of the teeth. Function and esthetics were ultimately achieved with this case.

This patient was tired of her discolored, bulky and misaligned chairside veneers that were done years ago. We fabricated porcelain crowns to correct the bulkiness and alignment, creating a beautiful, brighter, more confident smile.
The patient presented to our office with a history of failed aesthetic bonding wanting a more permanent solution. We decided on a full coverage porcelain crown and as you can see, the results were spectacular.

Over the years, this patient suffered severe wear due to habitual bruxism (grinding teeth) that created multiple fractured teeth, a loss in chewing function and a not so confident smile. We were able to achieve full mouth rehabilitation by fabricating porcelain crowns in stages to not only restore the fractured teeth, but to also create better chewing function. The results speak for themselves to showcase this gentleman’s more confident, brighter smile.

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